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Artist's statement

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About the artist:

I live for Art.

I live for Truth.

I live for Beauty. 


"To my mind, Truth is the reality that we all experience; Beauty is the sensuous appreciation of the sublime; and Art represents both in a manner most satisfying to the senses. I feel that representational art provides us with visceral knowledge of the primeval emotions embedded in our actual experiences." 

"Exceptional beauty inspires me, as manifested in nature, whether this takes the shape of a glorious flower, a magnificent naked form, a sleek animal, or the freedom of colors merging in an abstract. I paint what I see, and I paint what I don’t see, that which is in my mind’s eye, to render images that intuitively satisfy the voluptuary in all of us." 

Please enjoy! 

A fine artist and New York fashion designer, Candice began her adventure as an artist at the early age of 10, when she sold her first painting. A descendent of a long line of artists from Budapest, Candice continued developing her talents through high school then college, often working as a model herself. She graduated from the Philadelphia Museum School with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Fine Art. Candice matriculated and graduated from Parsons School of Design and the New School University, winning numerous Critics’ Awards and earning her second BFA in Design. She is the widow of Purvis Brearley, direct descendant of David Brearley., Lieutenant Colonel in George Washington’s army, signer of the U.S. Constitution, first Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court and first Grand Master of the New Jersey Masonic Lodge.

Candice’s talent, obvious to the fashion industry, immediately led to her employment as head designer for Originala. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was one of many luminaries who wore coats designed by Candice. As a highly successful fashion designer in the garment industry for years, Candice traveled regularly to the Far East.  She has won coveted awards and has had her own boutique line in select, upscale stores across the country. Candice is listed inWho’s Who in the East, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who of American Women, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, and Who's Who in America, as well as The Dictionary of International Biography as both an artist and a designer. She is listed in the World Intellectual Property Organization as an inventor. Her artwork has been exhibited at solo shows throughout the country.

During her career as a designer, Candice was often commissioned to paint a variety of subjects in various media by a diverse clientele. At different times, she has centered her artistic vision on still life, figuratives, nudes, animals, and florals, chiefly in oils and acrylics.

Candice’s artwork was on display at the Brearley Wickford Fine Art Gallery in historic Lambertville, N.J. until September, 2011, when the gallery closed due to hurricane damage. Click here to take a virtual tour of the gallery. The gallery won the "Best of Lambertville" award for 2012 for Art Galleries & Dealers. The most frequently heard comment is, “One artist did all this?”, because of the many styles she has perfected. This is one of the unique aspects of Candice’s work: that she is able to successfully paint and draw in every style she wants. First, she visualizes what she wants to create, and then she executes it. Her strengths are quite varied and strong. Consequently, the gallery contains beautiful works in every medium: oil, acrylic, water color, conte crayon, pen and ink, pastel, and water based crayon.

Due to her fashion design background, Candice has an extensive relationship with color. She carries with her the entire spectrum of color wherever she goes. Her ‘color memory’ is such that she has been consulted as a color ‘expert’. Colors, which are a significant aspect of everyone’s life, exert a great influence over our feelings, thoughts and desires. About Candice it has been written:

   Colors do her world define and compute,                                    

            Articulated through senses superlatively acute.

The online Brearley Wickford Fine Art Gallery offers for sale both originals and Giclées. Candice’s Giclées are individually processed, high-tech, high-fidelity, high-resolution reproductions on canvas produced by special large format printers. These high quality museum quality reproductions are produced from digital scans of Candice’s artwork, several of which are hand embellished. All are limited editions and are signed and numbered. The cost of a Giclée is a mere fraction of the price of an original. 

Please note that the images on this website have been reduced in quality in order to prevent copyright infringement. All images and original paintings are copyrighted by the artist and all reproduction and display rights are reserved.

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